Stuff We Love: SKS Seatpost Fenders

Fenders may not be the most gorgeous or exciting accessory you can buy for your bike, but they are definitely one of the most useful.  Just ask any cyclist riding around on a rainy day if they want to have the wet and muddy butt they almost surely have. No one is going to be like "Yes. I love walking into work/class/the grocery store with a wet and muddy backside." No, they're going to be like "This is terrible and why I don't like riding my bike unless it's sunny, dry and 70 degrees out."
Well riding can be comfortable in any conditions if you have the right setup. Enter the SKS X-Tra Dry. It is a plastic fender that clips onto your seatpost with an adjustable strap. It's wide enough to catch pretty much all errant flying debris, really easy to switch from bike to bike if you have more than one, and is also great for group rides so you're not spraying your friends behind you. Another great use we've realized? It's awesome for mountain biking. Mountain bikes and fenders have never been a good mix (suspension, wide tires, general getting-caught-on-stuff), but by just clipping this to your seatpost all that is no longer an issue. Group snow rides? Even more fun when you manage to stay dry!