The daylight hours are getting longer, and with lighter days comes warmer weather and more people out on their bikes. So whether you're riding to meet friends out for drinks, need to flee a springtime hookup gone horribly wrong or you just feel like buying your steed a present, we've got the lights for you. There are tons of options so we'll share our faves of each category: USB rechargeable and battery powered.

-Battery Powered-
The Knog Strobe is by far our most popular light. No surprise considering the list of things it has going for it. It's unobtrusive, requires no bracket, is inexpensive, comes in a bunch of cool colors and is available in both front and rear. It uses two watch batteries (which we sell replacements for) and is surprisingly bright. $15

For rear only we also have the Planet Bike Blinky 7 and Superflash. Both mount with included brackets and use standard AAA batteries. The Blinky 7 has 7 LEDs pointed in various directions for better visibility, and the Superflash has a 1/2 watt LED that can be seen from up to a mile away. Both also have handy little clips on the back so you can attach them to your belt loop or bag. Blinky 7: $18, Superflash: $30

-USB Rechargeable-
What a good idea this was. Who likes buying batteries? It makes waste and is just a drag. Knog designed these lights knowing most people have access to a computer, so all you have to do is plug it into a USB port for an hour or two once the indicator light turns on. They have stretchy silicone mounts so they're really easy to put on/take off and require no brackets or setup. The Knog Blinder line comeS in both one and four LED versions, and in both front and rear. Blinder 1: $30, Blinder 4: $45

From humble lights to make you visible when riding in the city, all the way up to the Nite Rider Lumina 700 which could light your way on a moonless night in the woods, we've got you covered. Pop on in and check them out!