Meet the New Shop Cat!

As most of you know, for years we had our much loved shop cat George reigning supreme over all shop activities. Sadly, earlier this fall he very suddenly went to the great bike shop in the sky and has been really missed. For a while we all hemmed and hawed over adopting a new cat to take over shop management, and finally a few weeks ago this little dude appeared at a local adoption center. He is an orange tabby, just like George, and mysteriously has a little something strange going on with his left eye... also just like George.
It was meant to be, and this past Monday he made his shop debut! His name is still up for debate, but hopefully he'll pick one soon. He's still learning the lay of the land, but the things we know about him so far are:
- He's ridiculously cute
- He likes meowing super loud
- Kitty treats are his jam
- He likes being pet far too much to pose for any silly blog pictures

If you want to see the rest of him just stop in and ask for "He Whose Name Has Not Been Decided", most of us will jump at any excuse to pet him anyways. Let's show him being a shop cat means infinite friends and free pets all day!