Limited Edition Chrome Bags in stock!

Chrome has released their newest limited edition bags and we're lucky enough to be on the list of exclusive shops that got them! Not only did we get two of everyone's favorite Citizen messenger in their Reflective Camo 2nd Issue fabric, but we also got the Barrage, their new two strap bag which is some serious business.
The new camo fabric is overlaid with a glass bead print which reflects light from up to 100' away so it's built in visibility when you need it. All these bags are made in the USA, are super tough and guaranteed for life. The new Barrage is a waterproof, rolltop bag with a built in external cargo net for transporting those things that either too big or too gross to put inside your bag. What a good idea right?
Come in a check them out! We can even show you how cool the reflective print looks by shining some of our high power bike headlights at them.