Abus Locks are in!

Locks. They're those incredibly important but unglamorous things that keep our bikes from becoming someone else's bikes. Here at the shop we keep only the best of the best, we don't want anyone's bike getting jacked because the lock they bought from us wasn't strong enough. Most of the time that has meant Kryptonite all the way, but this week we started carrying a new (to us) legit lock brand; Abus.
For the sake of comparison I got the tech specs for the ever popular Kryptonite Evo Mini and the fancy new Abus U-Lock 40 and did a little compare and contrast.
Abus U-Lock 40 - $65
14mm shackle
4 keys
Double bolted into the lock body

Kryptonite Evolution Mini - $60
13mm shackle
3 keys
Single bolted into the lock body
Dust cover to protect keyhole
Optional $2000 Anti-Theft Guarantee (one free year of registration, up to 3 for $15)

The Abus has a 14mm shackle which double bolts into the lock body. This means you would need to cut the lock twice to remove it. That's twice as much work, and I don't think bike thieves are about doing more work than they have to. Even though the Abus has a thicker shackle, it weighs in at exactly the same as the Evo Mini; a manageable 980g. The Evo Mini has a dust cover to keep rain and grime out of the locking mechanism and also comes with a $2000 Anti-Theft Guarantee (details in links above). Both have soft plastic all over to keep your paint looking good and can fit around a parking meter which seemingly quadruples your bike lockup options in the city.

I'd call it a draw. Both are strong, conveniently sized and reasonably priced. Use either and the thief scoping the street for easy bike-stealing prey will not want to make an attempt at your bike.
We have a few other Abus locks in stock also, so feel free to come in and pick our brains about them. Isn't it nice having lots of good options?