High Low Gift Guide - Gilets

Alright, so this isn't so much High vs Low so much as Hardcore vs Convenience. Gilet is just a fancy french word for vest, and gilets have a pretty solid place in any cyclist's repertoire. Let's see how many more french words I can sneak into this post...

Endura Windchill II gilet - $100
The Windchill II gilet is just about as sturdy and utilitarian as you can find. It has a wind and waterproof softshell front and thermal sides and back making it great for keeping your core warm. On the front is a zip chest pocket complete with a tethered glasses cleaning cloth and an internal media port aka hole for your headphones cord.
On the back are the standard three rear pockets along with a small waterproof zip pocket for keys/phone/what have you. Last and most amusing is the reflective strip right on your rear because let's be real, your backend is 90% of what anyone behind you is going to be seeing. Good thinking Endura!

Endura Pakagilet - $60
Now for the Pakagilet. Endura knows that weather changes and no one wants to be caught out with too much or too little gear, so they made a gilet of super lightweight showerproof ripstop fabric that can pack into a tiny attached pouch and fit in your jersey pocket or bag (see model's right hand). Smaller than a pounder of Narragansett, it packs a punch but won't give you a headache in the morning. Also, I know what you might be thinking "Yes, my entire winter coat was supposed to fit into its own pocket, we all know how that turned out." Untrue with this, it actually functions really well and easily. If you stop in you're more than welcome to try it for yourself.
It has side vents, a nice mesh panel on the back to help regulate body temperature and hidden jersey pocket access. And let us not forget, a reflective strip on the rear. Available in both high viz and more demure colors, as well as in women's sizing. All in all, I have to say it has a certain je ne sais quoi, plus it rates pretty high in stocking stuffability.