Gift Guide - Yankee Swapables - under $20!

Sometimes you just need something inexpensive for a Yankee Swap, one last stocking stuffer or the occasional "I like you neighbor, thanks for not calling the cops on my party that time" gift. The little thoughtful and useful presents can be the best kind, but can also be the hardest kind to think of. It's getting down to the wire guys, so here are our most fun small items to help you in your holiday hunting.

Knog Strobe - $15 each
These clever little lights are perfect gifts. They can be swapped from bike to bike with no brackets (no setup!), come in a bunch of colors and we have both front and rear versions. Fun and really useful at the same time.

Sock Guy Socks - $10 to $13
Socks! Every dad's favorite present, but these are all so funny that you can probably get away with getting them for anyone you're shopping for. From unicorns farting rainbows to "I'm with awesome ↑" to tuxedos for your feet, they're thoroughly ridiculous. Made in the USA and both synthetic and wool versions are available.

Fiks Reflective reflective stickers - $4 to $14
I realize reflective stickers sounds fairly lame, but it's only because you're imagining the beat up grey reflective dots right? These are way more interesting. They come in a bunch of colors, all of which glow impressively well (we tested them... a lot) and they're cut into some cool shapes too so it won't be so obvious they're a safety feature when your friend is riding around during the day.

Incredibell Omnibell bike bell -$15
Bike bells never stop being cute and amusing, but sometimes they just aren't that good at being bells. All form no function, you could end up with a hamburger on your handlebars that's funny, but doesn't make a sound or you just can't reach the trigger the way it's designed . Well Omnibell is here to save the day. It has an adjustable band clamp that can fit all handlebars from 22mm to 31.8mm (all of them) and the trigger can be swiveled 360 degrees so you can put it exactly where you want it. It's not too large, has a super loud but friendly ring and is really easy to install.

SKS X-tra Dry fender - $18
This may not be the most glamorous gift, but it will prevent very unglamorous things from happening to your friend's back end if they ride on a rainy day or through a puddle. This fender attaches to your bike's seatpost so it works with all kinds of bikes, is very easily adjusted and only needs to be set up once (if you've made anything from IKEA you have the tool you need). It also has a quick release so you can take it off on those nice sunny days. What better way to say "Babe, I love your bum" than by keeping it dry and free of street filth?

So there it is, our gift guides have drawn to a close and we hope they've helped you all out! If you come in anytime between now and the holiday we'll have a nice little "Plenty Under Twenty" stocking stuffer display by the register with a bunch more fun small gift ideas for you. Good luck, we're all in the home stretch now!