Gift Guide - Rescue Roll!

If there's one thing all cyclists dread, it's being caught out and stranded by a flat tire. The second you realize that sound you hear is all the air rushing out of your tube it's like a punch in the gut every time. It blows, literally and figuratively. As much as I myself don't like getting flats, you know who likes the idea of me getting a flat somewhere weird even less?

My Mom.

If my mom went into a bike shop trying to find something to get me, I'd like to think whoever was working would help her build this little rescue kit for me, the girl who's never going to be anything but a silly 8 year old in her eyes. This is a gift that both the gift giver and the gift getter get something from; some self sufficiency on the road for the gift getter, and a little peace of mind for Mom/you.

To get that tire and rotten tube off the bike, fixed up and back on the bike you're going to need a few tools...
Tire Levers - 2 for $3 -
Here at the shop our favorites are the Pedro's plastic composite tire levers. They're super cheap, super sturdy and come in 4 fun colors.

Hand Pump or CO2 Inflator - $22 and $25 -
The Crank Brothers Power Pump Ultra is a good hand pump because it's pretty small, it works with both Schrader and Presta valves (so you can't get the wrong thing) and it can switch between high volume and high pressure which is really helpful. Then there's the PDW Shiny Object CO2 inflator. It's cool because it's smaller and less laborious to use than a hand pump, and it comes with a cartridge in a reuseable leather sheath so you can be fancy. The cartridges are single use though so it produces more waste and they're $3-$4 each. It depends on what you're into but both are definitely good options.

Patch Kit or Replacement Tube - $3 to $6 -
If you know the size tire your daughter's/friend's/dad's bike has, getting a tube is the way to go. They can always patch the damaged tube later in the comfort of their own home. However, if you're not so sure, a patch kit is definitely always a safe bet. Really, even if you know what tube they use it's always good to have a patch kit handy.

Now that you've got all the rad stuff you need for your loved one to rescue themselves, you need something to put it in that will always be with the bike right? Enter the R.E.Load Saddle Roll.
This saddle roll is legit. Since it's a roll and not a standard saddle bag (which has a very finite amount of space), it can be stuffed super full or cinched down when not carrying as much. In these pics it's wrapped up with all the tools listed up top, it fits everything perfectly. Strap it to the rails under your saddle and you're set. They're made right here in good old Philly, too. $40 and you'll be supporting two small local businesses and getting a really awesome product. Everyone wins.
So there it is, rescue in a roll! If you come in one of us can help you pick out the goods and we can show you even more options than the ones listed here. It's a really easy gift to tailor perfectly to the person you're getting it for, and for $68 to $77 (depending on the options listed here) it's got pretty great bang-for-your-buck factor too. Plus who doesn't like saving the day for their friends and family?