Gift Guide - Everyone likes drinking liquids, right?

Drinking while moving, it has never been my forte. Walking down the hallway in high school I used to spill Citra (so bad, so good, so dated) down the front of myself practically daily. Lucky for me I'm not the only spill prone human on Earth and in the past few years the anti-spillage designs for drinking while moving have gotten pretty dialed in. So considering how often people would like to drink while riding their bikes it seemed only fitting to list out the best of the best in drinking during riding related adventure. Whether it's a cold drink on a hot day, hot drink on a cold day, or a drink drink because you and your friends like to live dangerously, we have got the goods.

- Keep it cool or keep it warm -
The CamelBak Podium Chill is an insulated bottle with CamelBak's super convenient "self sealing Jet Valve" tip. Basically that means the spout is always closed so it won't spill and all you have to do to get a sip is squeeze the bottle. Think of the way a Heinz ketchup tip works, it works really well. There's also the Nathan Fire and Ice bottle. This bottle is insulated, has the standard water bottle tip and the entire thing is reflective. Just by carrying it on your bike you have a little extra visibility which is never a bad thing, right? Both bottles are $12 each and come in various colors.

- Keep it hot or keep it cold -
Stanley really thought this stainless steel vac-insulated mug out for cyclists. Not only is it specifically designed to jive perfectly with the shape of a standard metal bottle cage, but it also is designed to be used with just one hand. Awesome. We also have the Klean Kanteen insulated thermos. It's made with food grade stainless steel, fits 20oz of liquid and while we only have the standard screw off cap, Klean Kanteen makes a cap that turns it into a travel mug. Both thermoses keep hot things hot for 6 hours, cold stuff cold for 24 and are $30 each.

- Carry your coffee a few blocks to work -
Here it is, a cup holder for your bike. PDW designed the Bar-ista with the same taper as your standard disposable coffee cup and lined it with some grippy foam to keep your drink where it belongs; an inch from your hand at all times. For $18 it's a good deal and your favorite caffeine addicted friend will love you daily forever.

- Fun on the run -
No, your eyes did not deceive you when you looked at that last picture, we have a bottle cage boss mounted FLASK CAGE. You're kidding right? How fun is that? Throw a tin of sardines in your jersey pocket, fill up your flask and roll out to get lost in the woods with some friends. Ahearne Cycles Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster ($40) will do the heavy lifting for you and can fit both 6 and 8oz flasks. If you've got a flask you're halfway there, and if you don't we have some 6oz Surly ones for $40.

Who knew drinking on a bike could have so many options?