Gift Guide - Bags

Bags. They're one of those things that you use a version of at a borderline absurd frequency without even realizing it. Getting groceries, picking up takeout, commuting with your laptop... there's a bag for that. Coming from someone who rides for transportation year round I can tell you that there are a lot of different riding scenarios you need a bag for. Having the right tool for the job is the difference between feeling like your bag is a good old friend and constantly adjusting and fiddling grumpily while you're riding uncomfortably. There are many styles and brands to choose from, but these few are the best at what they do.

- Traveling Light -
Fabric Horse Halfbelt - $89 (in stock only)
For a second let's just pretend this utility belt isn't the most fun portage option available and just talk about how insanely useful it is. With a u-lock holster sewn in, a cell phone pocket, a flat pocket for cards/IDs and a large pocket for various smallish items, it's absolutely perfect for riding around town when you don't need much with you. The large pocket is the perfect size for two cans of beer (they just fit!), or your lights, a small book to read by the river, a little something to hide in the geocache you're hunting for... the list of silly one off items you could build an adventure around goes on and on. It's also a good option when you're going to be riding to someplace crowded like a show or a bar, no need to make enemies of the people around you with a big unwieldy pack or messenger bag. Another benefit of carrying on you hips? No sweaty back in the summer, or strap tan lines. The whole thing is lined with vinyl so it's waterproof and they come in several sizes and colors varying from neutral to acid trip rainbow. Plus they're made in Philly, pretty cool.

- Everyday Medium Loads -
Chrome Industries Citizen Messenger - $140
The Chrome Industries Citizen messenger bag is by far our most popular messenger bag, and with a hardcore waterproof interior and Chrome's signature quick release seatbelt buckle it's no surprise. This bag can carry up to a 17" laptop and even has internal fasteners so you can secure Chrome's laptop sleeves in place. It also has straps for attaching accessories like cellphone holsters , reflective straps for added visibility and a nice little organizer pocket. As if this all wasn't enough, it comes in a ton of colors, both left and right swing shoulder straps and is made in the USA.

- Your Bike as an SUV -
R.E.Load Midpack - $250
So you have to pick up a 50lb bag of dog food on your way home, or grocery shop for three weeks at once, or you're going to a clothing swap and want to get rid of everything you own... this bag is the one to do the dirty work. The main compartment has a flat pocket that can hold a laptop in a case and an interior organizer pocket that's perfect for multi-tool, flat repair, pens, etc. The large outer pocket is great for carrying anything you don't want buried under your 50lbs of dogfood and the side pockets have mesh bottoms so you don't have puddles from rain or condensation. They're made with 1000D Cordura and some even have Ballistic nylon bottoms to be extra tough, so no need to worry about beating on this bag, that's what it was built for. Lastly, the whole bag is lined with vinyl coated nylon so it's waterproof.  *Also of similar size and hardcore-ness is the medium Flight Pack, who's little sibling is reviewed here.*

- Inconspicuous Portage -
Fabric Horse Weekend BD Tote -  $120
While it's really nice to have a tough as nails cycling bag, sometimes what you need is a tough as nails bag that looks a little less, well, athletic. Have no fear, we have just the right bag for you. This tote is made of waxed canvas so it's classy looking, but also weather resistant which is always a good thing if you're out in the elements, plus it has a waterproof vinyl lining. It comes with a removable cross body shoulder strap, has four interior pockets, one exterior pocket and a D-ring for attaching a carabiner. Zip this baby closed, put it in your Wald front rack and ride off into the sunset.