Stuff We Love: Twin Six Gear

 Here at the shop we have our favorites when it comes to gear, and Twin Six is at the top of the list for all of us. Twin Six is a cycling company that has a lot going for it and it would seem that's mostly because it's run by cyclists who use the stuff they make, just check out their manifesto. Lucky for us, this means high quality materials, reasonable prices, graphics that don't make you feel like you paid to be a human clothing brand billboard, and great fit and functionality. Also ladies, you are not left out on this one! They make a full line of women's specific tech tops and bottoms and I can personally say they rule. They fit well and look good, no overly girly graphics or colors here but they're still fun... think giant polka dots. Don't worry guys, you get some polka dots, too. Also not to be forgotten is a little surprise in the center back pocket of every jersey. The devil's in the details, Grandma was right.

Regardless of the fact that their gear is pretty rad, they also make the vast majority of it in the USA which is really cool. Shorts, jerseys, caps, water bottles, socks and gloves, all made in the USA, and all carried here at Bicycle Revolutions exclusively in the whole giant state of PA.

If you're interested in checking their gear out now is a great time, we just got our first shipment of their 2014 line yesterday! So come in, ask literally any one of us about our personal experience with their gear, and we'll give you the low down on why we keep buying more every season.