High Low Gift Guide - MultiTools

It happens to the best of us; we think about how great the people in our lives are all year round, then around comes gift giving season and we're at a complete loss. They have everything. They like cycling and you don't know the first thing about it, you like cycling and they're just getting into it, your incredibly stylish daughter just won't buy herself a helmet... well, we're going to take care of you this year guys. From humble stocking stuffers to the toughest take everywhere/everyday cycling bags, we'll be here to support every kind of cyclist you may know and make your shopping a little easier... maybe even fun because, you know, we're about that. So here goes, High Low Gift Guide #1 - Multi Tools!

Brooks MT21 - $70
The Brooks MT21 multitool is 21 useful tools packed into one classy, leather wrapped package. Designed for "the traveler", it has 7 allen keys, 3 screwdrivers, 3 torx wrenches, 4 spoke keys, a chain tool, a Brooks saddle spanner, a knife and of course, a bottle opener because not everyone is down to open a brew with their teeth. It truly is the tool for adventure because while you're out in the wild world you never know when you're going to have to slice open a Tauntaun a la Han Solo. The Brooks saddle spanner built in is great because you'll never lose it again, and with the various spoke wrenches and allen keys you'll be able to help yourself or any fellow cyclist that's run into a bit of bad luck. The tough leather wrap, which comes in Black, Brown and Ochre, will keep everything tidy and looking incredibly good, who can argue with that?

Crank Brothers Multi-10 - $20
This light and sleek Crank Brothers multitool just may be the perfect combination of minimalism and functionality. With just 10 tools and weighing in at a mere 125g it's not going to slow you down but it just might save the day. With 7 allen keys, 2 screwdrivers and one torx wrench this tool is the perfect bare necessities, live-in-the-pocket-of-your-bag multitool. No muss no fuss, no blowing your credit limit. Put a bow on it and maybe you'll get a story about how it saved the day down the line sometime.