Buy Nothing Day

The day after Thanksgiving. A day that not too long ago changed from being a day of relaxation with a leftover turkey sandwich in one hand and a slice of pie in the other, to a day of behemoth box store consumerist bombardment and people snatching the last Furby out of your tryptophan weakened hands. It's a wild world out there...

Here at the shop we've always been about the old school way of doing things. We'll all be kicking it with our families the day after Thanksgiving while celebrating Buy Nothing Day like we do every year. We encourage you to lock up your shopping cart bike, kick up your feet and relish in all the ridiculous gossip you learned about your crazy uncle the day before or watch the news coverage of the latest Black Friday Tickle Me Elmo related crime. So, so strange.

So Bicycle Revolutions will be closed on both Thanksgiving and Buy Nothing Day, but hold onto your hats because we're going to be all recharged and rearing to go for SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Stop on by to support your local small business bike shop and please feel more than free to tell us whatever amusing Thanksgiving related stories you have. That is, after all, what the holidays are all about. Right?

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