The 2014 Salsa Mukluks Are Coming! 2013 Mukluk 2's On Sale!!!

We are now receiving the first of our 2014 Salsa models. The Mukluk 2's and 3's are arriving already.
They keep improving from year to year, and have outdone themselves for sure.
The 2014 Mukluk 2 is $2400 and features their new Bearpaw Alloy tapered steerer folk. Check the complete spec's HERE!

The 2014 Mukluk 3 is going for $1850 with the same frame and fork features as the 2 but a more budget friendly component package. Complete spec's HERE!

That said, we have a handful of 2013 Mukluk 2's in stock! They were originally $2450, and now you can save 10% at $2205. (plus tax, while supplies last)

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