Shop Kits Have Arrived!

They are finally here! If you ordered one then you are probably almost as excited as I am. After six years of growing this little bike shop, we have a real kit to show off our style and colors.
Made by Sommerville Sports, they are clean and comfortable.
I had the day off today and managed to get out on the bike in it for some miles and hills. I am really proud of how they turned out, many thanks to Lauren and Leah who helped me sort out what I wanted in the design process. And of course, to my lovely wife Heather for working through the production process and making sure that all of the details were covered.

Heather even snuck in this little detail to make me smile!

I already feel like a winner!
If you didn't get in on this first order, do not fret. Once we get a little caught up we will be doing another order late summer/early fall.