Regarding Chameleons and Ogres

Surly International Regional Headquarters has been busy dreaming up a small fleet of exciting new offerings (Moonlanders, anyone?) which we have been thoroughly jazzed about. We recently received nearly a full size run of the Surly Ogre and something about the dropouts looked so familiar...
Image of my man Rango found on

The resemblance to a chameleon is entirely fitting for a bike so capable of morphing to suit the rider's needs. The Ogre is a 29er based off the tried-and-true geometry of the Karate Monkey but designed to accommodate your choice of drivetrains, brakes, and cargo-carrying methods. Single speed or geared, disc or cantilever brakes, Rohloff hub, trailer, racks, fenders.......

In the event that you can't decide whether you want to get all escapist and bike the Great Divide, spend a Sunday trail riding in the Wissahickon, or haul all your groceries home in that B.O.B. trailer you've been meaning to tow around - hey, why not have your cake and eat it, too? Think of all the cake you can put in that trailer. Delicious!

Completes are $1500 with everything but pedals.
Also available as a choose-your-own-adventure frameset for $535.