Naughty or Nice?

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Christmas is less than 2 weeks away and Hannukah is even sooner. I am sure that Bryan has done no shopping yet, so for folks like him who like to wait for the last minute we will be making some suggestions.

Today I bring you 3 great items for just $10 a piece. These are all perfect for stocking stuffers, little hannukah presents, office gift exchanges, people you don't want to spend a lot of cash on.

Ok, here we go. First awesome item, squeezeee horns. Ten bucks, lots of options, safety first. Look at this little pissed off dinosaur, how could you not love him?

Next, socks. Did I mention hannukah? Socks are pretty much the official gift by about the 4th night. I always think that the more fun the more better when it comes to socks. Donuts, yes please. Gorillas, thank you very much. Orange with stripes, don't mind if I do! The ones pictured are all $10 a pair and we have so many to choose from. Some do cost more, but plenty at this price.

I saved the best for last. These are possibly the best thing ever. Bar-barianz! These are little light up monsters that go on your bars or your valve stem, or anywhere you like. They come in 8 different varieties, and are motion activated. Hit a bump or flick them and they start flashing. 10 clams each for untold hours of entertainment  

Ok - now come buy some cool things and check back tomorrow for some other gift giving suggestions.