More Cowbell, Please!! (A Cyclocross Primer)

We’re getting to that time of year when it’s definitively cold – there’s no going back now. That doesn’t mean you have to park your bike and go into hibernation.
If they can do it in Minnesota, we can do it in Pennsylvania. Minnesota State Cyclocross Championships 2010. Photo credit: Jeff/Bike Jerks. Thanks!

Before cabin fever sets in, let’s talk cyclocross. Have you heard of it? Picture a short, spectator-friendly bike race set on a course involving some combination of asphalt, gravel, grass, mud, sand, and obstacles. Add cowbells, beer, rowdy fans, and the occasional costume. Hilarity ensues.

Much like the mix of terrain in a ‘cross race, cyclocross bikes draw inspiration from both mountain bikes and road bikes. Mountain bikes contribute knobby tire tread for traction and cantilever or disc brakes for increased stopping in muddy conditions. Road bikes contribute lightweight frames with narrow tires and drop handlebars. The end result is a bicycle suited to riding in, over, and through all kinds of nasty conditions.
All-City's Nature Boy getting both down and dirty. We sell this dedicated singlespeed complete for $899. A shop favorite for a million reasons - come test ride one and you'll understand. 

The fact that cyclocross bikes are purpose-built to withstand the punishment of ‘cross racing makes them great choices as commuter bikes, as well. Many manufacturers outfit their ‘cross bikes with rack and fender mounts for versatility. The tire clearance that allows for mud, muck, and big knobby tires at your local Sunday race will fit fenders and comfortable tires during your commute to work. Need an escape vehicle? Some 'cross bikes, like the Surly Cross-Check and the Salsa Vaya, are straight-up tourworthy.
This is our friend Steevo touring the Continental Divide on his Surly Cross-Check. We sell the Cross-Check complete for $1150. It rules. It can do everything. Also, Steevo's the best. Read more about his travels here.

We’re huge fans of versatility, adventuring, and not ruling out taking to muddy way, so we are proud to offer a wide variety of cyclocross bikes here in the store. We are currently stocking Fuji's Cross 3.0, Masi's CXR, CX, CX Uno, and CX SS, in addition to the Surly, All-City, and Salsa bikes. From race-specific to all-round flexible, from one gear to all of them, we've got you covered.