Hot, Hot, Hot

Gift guide, installment 2. This time we are talking about some handy items to help you from freezing your whatsits off.

All of the sudden it is getting chilly, well it is December so it should be cold. Here are 3 gift ideas to keep you toasty. All with inexpensive price tags!

First up: Grabber Warmers. These are one-time-use heating packs for your hands or toes. $2 a pair for either extremity. They provide about 6 hours of warming to about 100 degrees. That will help keep you cozy for a nice winter ride!

Next, DZ InHeat Embrocation. Rub this goop on your legs to warm and loosen muscles. It also creates a protective barrier between the cold & wet and your skin. We have low and medium heat, either variety is $20 for 6.7 fl. ozs. Make sure you put it on your legs - not your privates (trust us)!

Last on the list: overshoes and toe covers. Slip these on your feet to keep the wind, rain, or cold out. They come in a bunch of different styles depending on your preferences. Toe covers from around $20 and overshoes starting at about $40. Lots of options from Endura to help keep your feets warm and dry.

Well, those are the recommendations for day 2. See you back here Wednesday for something new.