For the Ladies

In cycling often times women's specific items are not so hot. The term "shrink it and pink it" is thrown about quite a bit. That is to say that rather than being made for women, it is a slightly smaller and PINK! version of the men's product. Add some floral motifs and you have stuff that is pretty darn unappealing to a lot of us ladies. So, here are a few items for the fairer sex that actually are up to the task. 

Women's cycling shorts, knickers, and tights. Padding where it should be for female anatomy, waistbands that don't dig in, ergonomic panel shaping. Prices vary but start about $50. Shorts can be worn all year round under the tights (no padding) or with knee/leg warmers. Knickers are great for 3 seasons, a bit warm in summer. 

Spending a lot of time on the bike can sometimes cause chafing. It is one of the less pleasant parts or riding, but it can be avoided. DZ Bliss chamois cream is made for women's skin, no really it is! It protects, and promotes healing in previously damaged skin, as well as strengthening natural biological skin defenses. All of that without the tingling that men's anti-chafe products often have. Is there anything this stuff can't do? Oh, it costs $24, by the way.

Finally, we have some incredible base layers from Modrobes. These are made from Eucalyptex which is pretty impressive stuff. I could go on and on about why it is great but the highlights are that is a natural fiber that dries quickly, is anti-bacterial, supersoft & comfortable, sustainable & biodegradable, and made in Canada. Tights and long sleeve shirts are cozy for the winter. Shorts and short sleeve shirts are great for layering all year round. They are cut for women and come in a pleasing palette of feminine and neutral colors, nothing too girly. The prices start at $30 and go up to about $50 - very reasonable for the quality.

Now get to the shop to buy yourself, or the ladies in your life, something wonderful.