New Shop: More Progress!

I did promise updates, we are making progress I swear. So much to do, so little time...

We had our first official moving day. Our Superstar moving crew consisting of our closest friends/staff got some serious work done yesterday despite the rainy conditions. We moved the complete contents of the boutique basement, most of the shop basement and some of the shop backstock. It was twice as much as I had expected to get done and we did it in half the time. GO TEAM!

Very special recognition goes to the Mini Munchkin Movers, these ladies rock!

Inside, the workbenches are nearly finished. The big bench needs some shelves and a little trim and she is ready to go.

The other bench/shelves under the loft are all done. Ready to install the vise and grinder.

And the paint is mostly done (all of the big stuff anyway)

We will still be functioning in the Old Shop and Boutique all week this week. Next week we will be starting the official transition into the new space, there will be some down time as we get sorted out. So please bear with us, when it is all done it is going to be AWESOME!