Snowy Days At The Shop

Fortunately, all of the staff has been building themselves mountain bikes. So everybody has been making it into work, more or less on time.

Here we have Maghan and Gary looking handsome with their complimentary bikes.

Adam stopped by to thaw out for a bit while getting around on his cross bike. He will be officially joining the crew after a quick trip to UBI for some learnin'.

Just in case you weren't sure, this is what we call the employee benifits package.

Just some pics of snow covered bikes and broken stuff in the yard...

Snow seems to make it all seem a little more quiet and peaceful.

And the postman brought us a bundle of the newest Fast Pace Zine, come get some.

Quiet, snowy, icey, salty, days at the shop. Not for long, almost time to start demo and renovations on the new space!