Bitchin' NS Analog Cruiser!

So I have yet to post anything about the NS Analog frame that we get into stock a while back. Soap wanted to build his lady friend Summer a new bike after she had a "minor" incident a few weeks ago...
Decided on the Analog frame set to build her a new bad ass coaster brake townie! Also adding to the mix, the Dirty Dog Monkey Skull stem that I have had in my "Candy Case" for years now.

Monkey Skull, Pink Accents and Coaster Brake Crusin' along!

A couple of parts saved from her black and green machine, but mostly starting over from scratch on this one.

And it has full bar spin clearance as well.

Just a reminder that the ever popular fixed gear freestyle frame designs are not limited to the tricksters. They can still be fun versatile city cruisers. Which is really the goal in the first place isn't it?

I think Soap really digs it, I hope Summer does too. Ride safe and don't forget your helmet!