Rocky VIII, A Personal Victory.

So its been about ten years since I quit the road, and about that long since I have competed in an alleycat race. I did go up to ride Monster Track as some of you may recall, but I definitely did not "race". I decided to challenge myself, see if the ol' man can still do it. Rocky is a relay race so I could not do it alone, I needed a partner. After being shot down by a "Fast" competitor, I found a partner in Adam Nordmeyer. He ALWAYS comes through for me when I need help.

I woke up the morning of July 10th, a little nervous and a lot excited. It was pouring rain, fortunately I still have most of my gear from the messenger days and then some.

I was ready, just as if I was headed out for a days work nearly a decade ago. Kissed my wife and out the door I went to get soggy, real soggy.

Fortunately it dried out in time for the race to start, so it would be a little safer, but the damage was already done. Everybody was soaked and turning into prunes while waiting to register and start.

After the first couple of relays I was definitely cooked, but there was no quitting for me today. My partner Adam was probably the fastest sprinter up and back on the parkway, so I had to keep it going no matter what. It was getting hot and steamy at his point, this picture is me trying to keep my head from exploding.

I believe this was me waiting for my last relay to go to Washington Square Park, just trying to air out my head. I was soaked and hot and tired, 8th and Locust was never so far away as it was on Saturday. But I did it, We did it! We finished the race, not first and not last.

Congrats to Justin and TJ who actualy won the race!

Thanks to Jorge and everybody who helped make Rocky 8 happen, keeping the torch alive!

Thanks to Matt Lyngard, fellow "Old Head", for grabbing some great pics.

I am excited to be helping "organize" Senior Weekend, aka the old head race. We have decided to postpone it due to busy schedules etc. but we will be announcing a new date shortly.