Ol' Faithful

I finally got around to making some upgrades to my Park TS2 today. I have had this for about 15 years now, it is definitely the best investment I have ever made. It might not be Apple stock but it will have to do.

When I originally purchased it in 1995ish I was dismayed to find out that it did not include a base, what good is it if it doesn't hold itself up? So Otis, my mentor, gave me this old home made wooden base so that I would stop whining. I have loved it and cherished it ever since. I propped it up on a piece of 2x4 to get a better angle as it was not adjustable and then drilled some holes in it to fit a bottle of Tri-Flow and a bottle of Loc-Tite. A few years ago though the round bottle of Tri-Flow I have been refilling for years finally broke, and I have now modified it to fit the goofy oval shaped bottle. Sometimes we must evolve, like it or not. And I also just fitted it with a sweet Schwinn friction shifter, for when I need to build wheels in high gear!

Here you see my custom spoke wrench holders, and my newly fitted custom Crane brass bell. It allows me to celebrate the birth of new wheels with a lovely ding ding.

Now I am ready for many more years of happy wheel building.