The Big Race!

Sunday was race day, the 26th running of the Philadelphia International Cycling Championship. Known for many years locally as "The Core States Race" and formerly the US Pro Championship. I have had the pleasure of attending the race for the past 15 years and Heather and I have attended together for the past 12 years. Needless to say it is a huge Philly tradition and a personal milestone.

Our crew holding it down on Lemon Hill, Lazlo, Heather, Sara and Patty.

Jason and Leah enjoying some jerky.

To say Tony was a HOT MESS would be an understatement...

By the end of the day everyone was pretty whipped, Lazlo melted into the grass.

Of yeah and a bunch of dudes raced in 90f heat for 156 miles over 6 hours. And Matt Goss from Australia representing team HTC-Colombia took the big prize.

Always a great day, hope to see you there next year!