When the name Schwinn meant something.

Sometimes I even get a little jealous over stuff that people bring me to build for them. This baby is my precious, 1973 Schwinn Paramount track frame.

And to make it even worse it is a totally sweet color.

In case you haven't guessed I was born in 1973, so I have wanted a Paramount as old as me for a while now. I guess it just feels like the quintessential bike of it's day.

When the customer brought it through the door I just knew what it was, and it made me a little sad. Being so close to it, but so far from having it.

I should be happy for him, I know I have plenty of bikes that make people drool.

Just knowing that one day I can find my very own is a small consolation.

I will post some finished pics, but for now just wanted to share my envy with all of you.