A Water Street Kinda Night

The air was a little thick last night, made the cold beer go down a little sweeter. The weekly water street session was jumping.

After the kids "built" a little launch pad it was on.

Big John was in town, shooting some pics and visiting the shop. The crew was out riding most of the day before water street, and Tony was still after it. I believe John got some more photos to add to the "Tony on the ground" series.

Tom was hitting mustache height off the "ramp" I know there are some sick photos that will surely pop up later today.

And then there is Jesse, official mascot of the Sweathogs Cycling Team. Always cheesin' it up for the camera.

Yesterday was a lot of fun, hanging in the shop with all of the kids, riding late into the night. Summer is starting off quite nicely.

This was one of the sickest photos from the evening. Tom getting WAY UP! Photo by Gary Wilpizeski, More amazing photos from Gary here...