The Maypril Fools Bicycle Revolutions Boutique Checkpoint!

What a great weekend! Thanks to RE Load for putting together another successful event. The Boutique hosted a checkpoint, we managed to get quite a few Fools in looking for POINTS! The deal was you had to draw a portrait of your bicycle in crayon. The our panel of judges would critique your portrait and decide if you got 20, 40 or 60 points. Those who were most creative and had the most colors and elements to their portrait got the most points.

Mr. Houser got maximum points for his use of elements and the added Haiku, even though it was plagiarized. He went on to win the overall big prize! Congrats Brett.

This Foolish racer, Darian, got max points as well. His bike was in the woods, for real. He went on to get the second Big Prize of the day! Congrats to him, enjoy the orange wheels.

Andy Zalen was in town looking for points as well. I have known this dude for the better part of two decades. Damn I'm getting old. He is the poster boy for DC Couriers, and international messenger super star. He is definitely one of the people keeping the dream alive. Check him out, he is making it happen.

And then Brutaltron arrived. Thanks for bringing all of your friends Ralph...

And of course we were very happy to see some of our BRevs alumni. Miss Megs showing off some of her creativity for maximum points!

So much fun! And to end the weekend at Tattoo Mom's for Cycle Sunday and the World Premier of Bootleg Sessions 4. There was a little riding and lots of beer drinking.

You can check out some more photos HERE. Thanks again to everybody for playing and having FUN! Keep an ear out for our next Art event which will be highlighting the cream of the crop from the bicycle portraits.