Party Time! Thanks for an amazing night.

-Photo By Melissa Rae Kurzenski
Wow, what a night! Thanks to all of you who cam out to show your love. And I will just go ahead and apologize for anything I might have said or done, it was all in good fun...

The cake chef putting on some finishing touches, can't believe they finished assembling it on site.

The Classic Cakes crew isn't fooling around. That cake looked and tasted amazing, stop by tomorrow and help us finish it, please.

-Photo by Mara Moranz
NOM NOM NOM, Heather and I sound like that when we eat cake.

-Photo By Jorge Brito
And Steve just started eating everything in sight, chainrings and all!

The whole cake thing was filmed by Banyan Productions and will be aired on TLC June 11th, mark your calendars. It was such a fun night, can't wait to see what our 5th anniversary party looks like, this one is going to be tough to top.

Also, we spent the day today hanging with Wilis and Mary, check out the story here.