Now Carrying Velo Orange Products

I have been seeing some really nice Velo Orange products for a while now. I finally sent them an email about becoming a dealer yesterday. I got a reply with the necessary instructions and next thing ya know, we are a VO dealer!

They are known for classic, simple products. Stuff that would have been easy to find 20 years ago, but now you will pay dearly for on the e-bay.

Being a wheel builder, I was very excited to see their PBP rim. A classic box section rim in polished silver with stainless steel eyelets.

Classic design, quality finish, and affordably priced at $50each. I will be building up a set soon enough, just need to figure out what I am putting them on.

I will post more goodies as we get them unpacked. Stems, Seatposts, Headsets, Bottom Brackets, Racks... Nice stuff.