Happy Birthday to Us!

Bicycle Revolutions will be turning 4 years old next week. Hard to believe, it has gone by so quickly! To celebrate the occasion we are throwing a big party.
Please join us on Saturday, April 24 at 7:00 for a shindig of epic proportions. There will be drinks of a wide variety - beer, booze type concoctions, and of course non-alcoholic options. We will have snacky food for you to munch on as well. You didn't hear it from me but there might be cake too, like extra special, fancy cake. Just saying . . . There will also be art from the always fabulous Abi Galooza. I have no idea what he is planning, but he is rad so I am sure it will rock.

We will be partying until midnight or when the alcohol runs out. You can find us at 712 South 4th Street, between Bainbridge and Monroe. Please, remember to drink responsibly, no drinking and riding, and no complaining about hangovers. See you there!