Four Years Ago Today!

4/22/2006: We celebrated the birth of Bicycle Revolutions! The Shop was more or less empty, and I had yet to build the work bench. The pole for the repair stands was installed, it might have looked like a stripper pole. We ate and drank and dreamt about the future. Lots of work and an abundance of love and support have made those dreams a reality. Thanks to all of you who appreciate what we do and inspire us to do more and to do it better.

This is what the "Showroom" looked like that week. And most of the bikes on the wall were mine. I have even more of my own bikes around the shop these days, but we also have a much bigger collection of bikes in stock for you.

That sad rack of jerseys and sparse shelves of clothing (t-shirts) have exploded into what is now the Boutique. The "Candy" case is overflowing with goodies from all the greats. And I have worn a big hole in that step stool from side stressing all of the wheels I build.

A fresh coat of pain, thanks for touching that up Daniel Vitale, and some custom vinyl cut by Gibbs Connors. It was a store, now it has become a family. Thanks so much for being a part of it.