Bags? Yeah, we've got those.

My word our bag selection sure has exploded since we opened the boutique!

We are pretty serious about messenger bags – both the single and double strap variety. Almost every bag we stock in the shop is one that we use so we can honestly tell you that we believe in what we sell.  

We try to always stock each bag in black as well as a couple of colors, depending on how popular they are. We  are also happy to order you a specific color if we don’t have it right now. Currently we carry bags from the following excellent companies.

Chrome: Citizen and Metropolis messenger bags, Dually, Ranchero, Backbone, Pawn and Marathon back-packs, Kirov + Berlin pro bags. We also carry the light duty Corsair and Vega as well as laptop sleeves, hip packs, cell holders, and usually one or two of their different laptop specific bags.

BaileyWorks: Super Pro messenger bags in all sizes, the new Digital Super Pro Citizen back-pack, and 2-strap work pack

RELoad: Civilian, Small Civilian and Dash messenger bags. Softpack, minipack and midpack back packs. Hip packs and cell holders and other accessories like frame and shoulder pads and tool rolls are in stock too.

DeMartini: Undisputed Original in all three sizes (S,M,L). We also have a few of the mini bag and the extra small 3605 bags.

We have a few Manhattan Portage bags still in stock. The medium size waxed vintage messenger bag in a couple of colors and the Bike Messenger – large in most colors.

Looking to carry less stuff with you? We have small hip bags/pouches, and utility belts from Fabric Horse, Vaya, and Camp Cupboard (as well as RELoad and Chrome).

Not sure what’s right for you? I strongly recommend coming by and trying a bunch of bags on. Bring the stuff you usually carry and jam it into the bag and see how it fits and if it is comfortable. Everyone’s body is different so it is hard to tell what you are going to love without trying it on. Got questions, or need an opinion about a certain item? Come on in and ask! We all use these bags daily so we can give you our thoughts on what we like and don’t like.

Oh, and messenger bags aren’t just for carrying deliveries, school or work items, groceries, etc. You never know when your 4 legged friend is gonna need a lift (or at least a nice spot to nap)