Tony Fast's New Cinelli Mash!

So Tony has been bugging me to get him a Mash frame for a couple of weeks. I was out of stock as was Cinelli-Usa. I told him I'd get him one ASAP.

It arrived yesterday, and Tony shows up at 5pm asking if I could just throw it together for him real quick with the parts from his Fuji. Hahaha, I made him come back in the morning so I could do it up proper.

We cleaned up his old parts and put them on the Cinelli. Straightened out his bent saddle a little and He was good to go.

Except for those wheels, can take responsibility for those. I think they are butt ugly, at least I trued them...

And then I pee'd on it just to baptize it for him. Thanks Tony, enjoy your new go "fast" whip!