My Affinity LoPro V-4.5...

So I might not have time to build my new All-City Dropout just yet. But I swapped some stuff around on my LoPro yesterday just to try something "different".

All of my bikes have become fixed gear cruisers of some sort, my "Old Man Bike" collection has become quite extensive. After riding my Cinelli a couple of weeks ago I was inspired to make my LoPro "Go Fast".

I pulled the wheels off of my Obey, they are much lighter than the 48h B-43's I had on here originally. The Velocity Aero rim is so light, very quick to accelerate, yet solid and predictable. I Installed a pair of Hutchinson Intensive 700x25 tires, durable yet light and fast.

Finished it off with some Syntace Bullhorn handlebars that I had yet to like on any of my bikes so far. Oh yeah, a new set of Eastern pedals with some Lockdown Straps because I am loving them so. I think this is my favorite version of this bike so far.

I might be old, but I will always be young at heart. I really enjoy ripping through the streets, especially when I am all alone. It reminds me of the old days, young and dumb and fast as hell.