Monster Track, Philly Crew Representing!

As usual the events never start on time. There was a lot of time to gather outside of Affinity and socialize while waiting for the start. There had to be almost 300 people out on Grand St. and Philly was well represented in the crowd.

Everyone was pretty laid back as they probably hadn't been to sleep since the night before. I don't know how people who live in NYC do it, 4am is really late to still be drinking and partying.

Mike, seen her sporting his BRevs cap, was seriously ready to race. I ended up hanging out at the Battery Place checkpoint after the start and can tell you that when Mike came through he was racing.

Noe was chilling and having a great time always a smile on that face.

James wins on style points alone, and that bike looked damn good too!

There had to be over a dozen heads from Philly in there. Sometimes I forget how close we are to New York. I use to hop on the Chinatown Bus on friday night to visit Heather when she was still living there. It has been a really long time since I rode around the big city, and it is really nice to do that with friends.