Salsa Casseroll Custom Single Speed Townie

I have been wanting to customize the Salsa Casseroll single speed since we started carrying them. This winter with all of the snow we managed to make it happen. It is a nice simple build to begin with, allowing for some nice personal touches.

Some alloy touring bars for an upright comfy riding postion. Brooks B-17 was very necessary, Portland Design works leather grips and the Gamoh front rack, all add some fashionable and functional style.

Yes you can carry and open beer with the Gamoh rack!

Some nice Planet Bike fenders in brown with some skinwall Panaracer Pasela Tourguard tires.

This bike was originally selling for $890 stock, Salsa had dropped the price at the end of the year to $760. This custom version with all of the bells and whistles is $1065. This one is a 51cm, which in Salsa geometry fits like a 54cm (semi-compact geo.) but we do have a smaller one and a bigger one left that we could also customize just for you!