My Surly Fixed Gear Disc Brake Rack Bike

One of my many personal projects that usually evolve around some obscure part or idea that I need to get out of my brain and into the world. This one started out in an entirely different direction, but once I got my hands on that Civia Bamboo front rack it found a new purpose. A very special purpose.

So it is now my fixed gear, old man bike complete with front cargo rack and front disc brake. Brooks B-68 saddle with tool bag and some nice Portland Design Works Bamboo grips finish out the cockpit.

Velocity Chukkers dressed in Soma New Express 700x35 tires, laced to Surly hubs. And some Profile Race cranks with Volume Krull Spider, with Sun-Ringle ZuZu pedals with Holdfast straps.

The Civia Bamboo front rack with the Civia fork which is what inspired the front disc brake, 185mm Avid BB7. Some Nice swept back handlebars and upright stem to keep my old bones comfortable.

So now I can grab a case of beer or some groceries, maybe a big bag of dog food in comfort and style. And it is just fun to ride