Bicycles + Art

We have been neglecting the art portion of our bicycles*art*culture identity for too long. But we have good news, this is the month that we get back on track! We will be hosting an opening on Friday, February 26th at 7:00 at the shop. 

We are excited to be showing Wojo's photographs this month.
Wojo has been taking photos in philly for like 20 years. He has ridden his bike all over the damn place, touring cross country and documenting his wacky adventures with his camera. He is one of those characters that exists at that sweet spot where philadelphia's cycling and arts community intersect. That little corner of the world that is why we do what we do and how the idea for Bicycle Revolutions sprouted.

He recently took some great pictures of the shop for us and we love them.

So if you are available next Friday night (2/26) come by after 7:00 and see the art, have a beer, and hang out for a while!