Have a Seat?

So if you are looking for a saddle to spruce up your ride for spring, yeah it's coming soon I promise, we have a butt load, literally. In addition to the variety that we have everyday. We have dozens of fancy new options for your ass.

The Kashimax AX-4A Aero Saddle in some lovely finishes for $180.

A little bit fancy, but for a special project, PERFECT!

The San Marco Concor, classic italian racing saddle in World Champ colors in addition to black white and brown. For $160

For the hard asses among you, the Kashimax AMX-C Aero plastic saddle in six fun colors for $90.

And we have had these before, but a fun affordable saddle from Soma. The Ensho saddle in 7 sparkly glitter colors; Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Gold as well as Black and Orange. For $60.

So the only problem you should have, is deciding which one you need.