2010: A Shop Odyssey

The new year is well underway  - almost 3 weeks! - and yet I am just now getting this posted. Pardon my vacationing and general laziness.

While 2009 was quite a year for us here at Bicycle Revolutions, we are happy to bid it adieu. We experienced continued growth in every way. We added  a bunch of great new staff – Megan, J, and Gabriel. Our long time, much beloved, shop monkey Ian is now a full time student. While we are super proud and excited for him, we miss having him at the shop every day. We expanded what we carry for just about everything imaginable. More bikes, more components, more accessories, and more clothing. Oh, and we opened the boutique. All in all this past year has been very full. But man 2010 – it’s gonna be the bee’s knees!

There is so much exciting stuff coming up. We will fill you in on all of the little details as things roll out, but here are some highlights. Bikes and Frames – we’ve got lots of them coming! The Linus bikes are new for Spring, great new All City frames, crazy cool stuff from Affinity, and more. There is an amazing new frame project that we are going to be telling you all about in the next month or two, but Bryan is keeping it hush hush for now. He might explode so look for him to be leaking bits of that soon. As for the accessories, lots of new stuff there too. We just became a swrve dealer and have some of their really nice Milwaukee jackets and hiding hoodies in stock. Look for more swrve items coming up in the next months and also a blog post on the stuff we have. Next week we are getting our shipment of loot from Pedaler Clothing. We have been anxiously awaiting this stuff for months and can’t wait to have it in our hands. I will definitely be featuring those items on the blog in the near future. Also, we will will be resurrecting our 4th Friday openings. We have a party planned for February - so hooray for that!

So stay tuned for more details on all of this stuff and plenty more. Here’s to a fantastic 2010!
-photos by wojo